Difference between Brazilian and Bikini Wax

FactorsBikini WaxBrazilian Wax
Reasons for UseRemove hairs outside the bikini areas.Remove hairs from bikini line+ pubic area +labia+ butt and more.
VarietyBikini line wax- removes hair from the upper thigh areas Full Bikini- removes hair from upper thigh areas and pubic areas.Hollywood wax- removes hair from bikini line, upper thighs, pubic hairs, labia and butt. French wax- removes everything expect the butt area.
Type of wax usedBoth soft and hard wax are used but hard is recommended.Both soft and hard wax are used but hard is recommended.
Pain factorModerate or very painful but less painful with hard wax.Very painful but less painful with hard wax.
AftercareRequire less aftercareRequire more aftercare as private parts are involved
CostCheaper than BrazilianProbably cost you more

What is a Bikini Wax?

A bikini wax is a hair removal process where the waxer only removes the hair along your bikini line, including hairs that one might see outside your bathing suit or underwear. It does not include removing hair from your pubic bone.

Types of Bikini Waxes

Bikini Line

It involves removing hairs from areas that can be seen when you wear a bikini. This includes removing hair from areas such as your inner and upper thighs to give you a smooth and supple look in your swimsuit and undies.

Full Bikini

A full bikini is an add-on to your regular bikini line wax, and it removes hairs from the frontal area, excluding your labia or butt areas.

Types of Brazilian waxes

Hollywood wax

Also known as the Honeymoon Wax or Full Brazilian, the Hollywood wax. It removes every bit of hair from your body, leaving no sign of landing strips or little triangles. It removes hair from your pubic bone, labia, butt, and upper thigh.

French Wax

If you love to have a little hair on your backside, then the French Wax could be the right one for one. It involves stripping hair from your labia, pubic bone, and upper things, excluding the butt area. It gives more design choices, such as leaving a little triangle, rectangular strip, or a heart shape on your frontal part. 

Types of Wax Used in Bikini and Brazilian Waxes

There are two types of waxes used for bikini and Brazilian waxes- Soft and Hard Wax.

Soft Wax

Soft Wax is an old-school method that (irrespective of its name) is harder on your body, irrespective of its name. When you see people screaming on waxing videos, that is generally soft Wax. Soft wax sticks to your hair and skin, which is how the pain factor comes in.

Since it is sticky, you need to apply firm pressure while applying the strip on the skin and pulling them out. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the temperature of the Wax and the condition of the skin before going for soft waxing.

Too much heat can irritate the skin, and if your skin is thinned due to some conditions or using specific skincare ingredients, then some bruising can occur after the waxing process.

Hard Wax

Hard Wax is the new-age waxing technology that provides immense relief from pain and skin irritation. The wax sticks to your hair without sticking to the skin. Since the Wax only removes the hair without pulling your skin, it helps eliminate the pain accompanied by soft Wax. 

Hard Wax shrinks and wraps the hair around after the application, giving you a cleaner and less-painful pull. 

Both hard and soft Wax can be used for a Brazilian or bikini wax, but experts often recommend hard Wax, especially for Brazilians, since it involves super sensitive skin areas.

Preparing your Skin for a Bikini or Brazilian Wax

You need to have some amount of hair on your skin for a wax. It won’t work on a recently shaved skin as the Wax won’t have anything to hold onto. The general rule of thumb is to have hairs at least ¼ inch long before going for a Brazilian or bikini wax.

Stay away from blood thinners such as aspirin for 24 hours before the Wax as it may cause excessive bruising. Instead, you can take ibuprofen 30 minutes before your wax appointment if you have low pain tolerance.

Some people have allergic reactions to beeswax or lanolin, a prime ingredient for hard Wax. Make sure to inform your aesthetician before your appointment to go for a safer alternative.

Also, do not apply any heavy exfoliants on the skin as it will thin the skin’s surface, making it vulnerable to skin irritation and bruises.

Meanwhile, you can use a mild scrub for 24 to 48 hours to remove any dead skin cells from the skin.

Brazilian and Bikini Wax Aftercare

Waxing opens up your pores which could lead to ingrown hairs and infection if not properly managed. Make sure to follow these instructions religiously for 24 to 48 hours post-waxing:

  • Apply cold compresses or cold packs to the waxed area to reduce irritation
  • Apply a mild, fragrance-free moisturizer to the area
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes, allowing the area to breathe
  • Avoid hot baths or showers (lukewarm water is fine)
  • Avoid working out or strenuous activities
  • Avoid sex
  • Take pain meds if necessary
  • Wear sunscreen every day and avoid sun exposure for 48 hours
  • Talk to your doctor to recommend any antiseptic cream for any cuts or sores

How to choose between Brazilian and Bikini Wax?

It depends on how much hair you want to remove and how much pain you can withstand. A Brazilian wax will be more painful than a bikini wax and can be more irritated on the skin as it involves private areas such as the labia, pubic bone, and butt.

If you are new to Wax, we recommend you start with a bikini line wax and see how it turns out. However, if you are tired of shaving your private areas, a Brazilian wax is your answer.

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