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Sprite Vs 7 Up- Less Known Differences

Sprite Vs 7 Up- Less Known Differences

Amongst many soft drink brands, the battle of Sprite Vs 7 Up has been one long situation. While both the drinks are lime or lemon flavored and offer instant freshness, the main difference lies between their salt composition. Below we…

Difference between Real and Synthetic Urine

Difference between Real vs Synthetic Urine

Introduction The results of urine can vary from person to person in terms of their overall health, diet, medication use and other factors. Urine tests are conducted in individuals for the purpose of Pregnancy status Sugar conditions or indication of…

Difference between Male and Female Ribs

Difference between Male and Female ribs

Male skeletal cranial airways have been observed to be larger with taller piriform apertures and taller internal nasal cavity. Apart from cranial airways, there have been differences observed in the ribcage of men and women. The rib cage or the thoracic…