Difference between Lutheran and Catholic

In short, the main difference between Lutheran and Catholic is their belief in the Holy Sacraments and the Authority of the Pope. One of the denominations under Protestantism, Lutherans don’t regard the Pope as a divine authority, while on the contrary Catholics most definitely do.

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Who is a Lutheran?

A Lutheran is an individual who believes grace and faith in the Holy Trinity are the only two parameters that can lead to salvation. Strong believers of the Bible, they belong to one of the five major denominations under Protestantism, also known as Lutheranism.

In the earlier times, Christianity was one big section of people who believed in the teachings and advice offered by Christ and the Bible. However, differing ideas soon led to the rise of multiple denominations under the religion. And as per ancient records, Martin Luther was the first person to point out certain mistakes in the perception of these teachings. While he did not oppose the teachings mentioned in the Bible, he pointed out the interpretation mistakes done by authoritative figures.

Since then, Protestantism was formed and popularised through various methods. And under Protestantism, the first Lutheran Church was set up in the year 1625. From that day onwards, all individuals following Lutheranism strongly condemn the authority of the Pope, disregard many Catholic practices and also believe in the salvation offered by grace through faith in God and the Bible.

Lutherans also have varying conceptions regarding Mother Mary. They emphasise direct connection with God to be the only true path and thereby Mother Mary is a comparatively less prominent figure in the Lutheran Churches.

Who is a Catholic?

Like we had previously discussed here, Catholics are individuals that strongly follow and rely upon the teachings of Catholicism. One of the major denominations under Christianity, these individuals abide by the rules passed on to them by the Holy Figures as well as the Pope.

Unlike Lutherans, Catholics absolutely believe in the authority of the Pope and hence are regulated by the Roman Catholic Church. Also referred to as the Apostle Peter’s successor, a Pope is responsible for various tasks, including interpretation, education and maintaining uniformity amongst the masses.

Considered to be the foremost Christians, these individuals strongly believe in Baptism. As per the Catholic records, every human is born sinful and only the act of Baptism and grace towards God can be their ultimate salvation. They also strictly follow all the Holy Sacraments, consider Mother Mary to be the mother of the Church, and pray to God through depictions of Him.

So, what is the difference between Lutheran and Catholic?

To make it easier to understand, we have categorised the difference between Lutheran and Catholic into a tabular form. So, without any further ado, let’s start.

Belief SystemLove and faith towards God brings SalvationGood work and faith towards God leads to Salvation
Head of the ChurchElected CouncilsThe Pope
Belong toLutheranism, under ProtestantismCatholicism
Source of TruthThe Bible onlyThe Bible, Church Traditions
Holy Sacraments2 Sacraments7 Sacraments
TraditionsFollowers believe on the traditions mentioned in the BibleFollowed based upon the Roman Catholic Church’s traditions
Head ChurchLutheran World Federation oversees all activitiesHandled by the Roman Catholic Church under the observation of the Pope
BaptismA valuable practice, but don’t believe in sin cleansing theoriesBelieved as the only way of Salvation
Mother MaryA divine figureQueen of Heaven, and a very prominent divine figure
Bible Books66 books73 books
Office of PapacyStrongly condemned by LutheransAbsolute recognition of the Office of Papacy and Pope authority
Set byMartin Luther started Protestantism, but the term ‘Lutheran’ was kept by Dr. Johann Maier von EckJesus Christ
Set duringIn the year 1625 the first Lutheran Church was set up1054 AD
Holy FiguresJesus Christ, The Father, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and twelve ApostlesJesus Christ, The Father, and the Holy Spirit
PopulationSixth largest Christian CommunionLargest denomination under Christianity

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