Difference between Gold Tequila and Silver Tequila

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage, and Mexico’s National Drink is consumed mainly by taking shots or making cocktails. Its origin can be traced to 2000 years ago used during religious ceremonies. It comes from the blue agave plant, and its quality is classified by its taste, age, and ingredients.

When it comes to variations, tequila is mostly marketed as Gold and silver tequila which each product inherits distinctive properties such as taste, ingredients, etc. The main difference between Gold tequila and silver tequila is that the latter is the full concentration or very close to full of agave and distilled with stainless steel storage containers. Meanwhile, Gold tequila is made less than 100 percent agave and distilled into alcohol.

What is Gold Tequila?

Also known as Joven tequila, the Gold tequila contains less pure agave concentration than its Silver counterpart. The quality of barrels used and additives coloring are two factors responsible for its gold coloring. A premium gold tequila is aged in barrels to give its distinctive brownish hue, while some manufacturers simply color it. 

Each batch of the gold tequila is mixed with sugar and caramel coloring before fermentation, giving the spirit its smooth and bearable taste. Due to its smooth flavoring, gold tequila is often consumed as shots. In most gold tequila, you will find only 51 percent of agave, while some high-end gold tequila containing 100 percent agave comes from mixing silver tequila with aged tequilas such as Resposado or Anejo.

What is Silver Tequila?

Silver tequila is also called Blanco or white tequila, available in a clear or transparent liquid form. It is an unaged tequila that is procured within two months post distillation. Since it is packaged quickly, it is considered the purest form of blue agave containing a 100 percent concentration of agave with the truest flavor. Most distillers call silver tequila the “essence of tequila” due to its genuine and unadulterated taste.

As there is no aging process, the price of silver tequilas is generally lower than other tequilas such as Gold, Resporado, and Anejo. Due to their purer flavor with no additives, they are widely used in mixed drinks and margaritas. They are also used as shots by people who appreciate the taste of pure spirits.

Most high-grade silver tequila is prepared by slowly baking the agave in clay ovens. Then the product is naturally fermented and double-distilled in stainless steel pot stills, procuring a crystal-clear 100% agave spirit. Each sip of silver tequila carries a sweet and citrusy taste followed by a hint of spice.

Difference between Gold and Silver Tequila

FactorsGold TequilaSilver Tequila
HistoryFirst introduced to the public in 2009. However, the existence of gold-colored tequila can be seen in 16th century.First introduced in the market in 2004.
ColorDepending upon quality, gold tequila is available in light yellow, vibrant gold or brownish color.It is crystal-clear in appearance.
AgingIt is stored in barrels for some times (usually 60 days to 1 year) for aging after the distillation process.It is stored in stainless steel storage containers for about a couple of weeks to 2 months after distillation.
AdditivesSometimes to achieve the gold color, distillers add food coloring. To get that smooth taste, caramel and other flavorings are also added.It is available in its purest form.
ConcentrationIt usually contains 51% to less than 100 % agave and mixed with flavorings and colorings. Finding 100% agave concentration is rare. 
FlavorThe taste is smoother and slightly sweeter than silver tequila.The taste can be harsh to the tongue. However, it carries a bit sweet and citrusy undertone with a hint of spice.
UsesIt is best taken as shots. However, some bartender mixed gold tequila in margaritas to complement the fruity flavor.It is best used as a mixer for margaritas and cocktails.  
PriceGold tequilas are often costlier than silver ones.Silver tequilas are cheaper and more pocket-friendly.


Young drinkers looking for a smoother, flavor-rich, easy-to-swallow shot should definitely go for Gold Tequila. It is made especially for this purpose. Although Silver tequila is not a bad choice either, its stronger taste can be harsh on the tongue and may even ruin the taste palate. However, silver tequila works great as a mixer for your cocktails. If you need to add stronger taste and alcohol content to your drinks, then silver tequila is the way to go.

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