Difference between Road glide and Street glide

Cruiser motorbikes are the first preference among people of all ages for embarking on a long-distance highway touring. While several brands are available in the market, the one brand that always stands out from the rest is Harley Davidson.

Founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, Harley is one of the older motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Known as the King of Cruises, Harley Davidson boasts a wide genre of cruisers, such as street and muscle bikes.

 Coming to the best cruises of Harley-Davidson, whether you take on the street with the Street Glide or Road Glide, you will definitely grab some eyeballs on the way. Besides offering robust Harley-Davidson performance, both the models come laden with advanced infotainment and the safest technology.

What is Road Glide?

The Road Glide comes with a roaring 1868 cc Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine that can astonish and equally mesmerize anyone. With 855 lbs weight and 110 ft-lbs torque on tap, cruising in this beast feels effortless and powerful. It is highlighted with a classic “shark nose” frame-mounted fairing integrated with a standard boom box GTS infotainment system.

 Some of its distinctive features include a one-touch opening hard bag, high-performing front and rear suspension with adjustable rear shocks, and the standard Brembo ABS brakes. The 2022 Road Glide comes with a wide range of unique colors: the Mineral Green Denim, Black Denim, Vivid Black, Gauntlet Grey Metallic, White Pearl Sand, and Midnight Crimson.

What is Street Glide?

Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operation (CVO) models are considered best for touring and comfort. The street glider by H-D is an exclusive model featuring a visually stunning fork-mounted fairing and loaded with power.

The Street Glide comes with the Milwaukee-Eight® 117 V-Twin engine, currently the most powerful engine offered by the Harley Davidson range of cruisers. Although it weighs 796 pounds, which is lower than the road glide, the street glide comes with 125 ft-lbs torque allowing users to carry more load without any performance degradation.

 The CVO comes with exclusive features such as RDRS Safety enhancements, Wireless headsets, Stage II H-D Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate and Daymaker Adaptive LED headlamps. It is available in three color choices: Sunset orange fade/ black with satin chrome finishes, Great white pearl with gloss black/onyx finish, and bronze armor with smoked stain finishes.

Difference between Road Glide and Street Glide

FactorsRoad GlideStreet Glide
FairingIt comes with a Shark-nose fairing that does not move with the handlebar.It features an H-D signature fork-mounted batwing fairing seen on other HD ranges of cruisers.
WeightIt weight 855 lbs.It weight 829 lbs. which is 30 pounds less than the road glide. The lighter weight helps with slightly better acceleration and power-to-weight ratio and better steering feel.
Headlights/taillightsBoth headlight and taillight comes with LED technology.The headlight of street glide is halogen, and the taillight is LED.
PricingRoad Glides starts from $21,699.Street Glide ranges of cruisers starts from $21,999.
Seat HeightThe seat height of road glide is 29.5 inches, 3.4 inches higher than street glides. It allows more legroom for tall individuals, offering a convenient driving experience.The set height of street glide is 26.1 inches, lower than road glide, making it convenient for short height individuals.

Road Glide or Street Glide? Which one is better?

There is no black and white when it comes to choosing between these two beasts as both have their pros and cons, mostly pros. Both the cruises come equipped with a powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine, 45 mpg fuel economy and 6-gallon fuel capacity, 2.3 cubic feet luggage capacity, a passenger seat, floorboard foot controls, and an infotainment system.

The major difference factors are their types of fairings and weight. The road glide comes with a shark-nose fairing that does not move with the handlebars. This means you will get better wind protection and increased rider endurance. Meanwhile, the street glide comes with the standard batwing fairings. Meanwhile, the weight of the street glide is around 30 lbs. lesser than the road glide, and so is its seat height, providing you more control and agility

The best way to decide between road glide and street glide is to take a test ride and see which one suits your preference and style best. Both bikes have the same engine, transmission, and suspension. The road glide is slightly bigger and spacious, making it well-suited for longer rides. On the other hand, the street glide is lighter in weight, offering a good option for regular cruising and raiding rides.

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