Sprite Vs 7 Up- Less Known Differences

Amongst many soft drink brands, the battle of Sprite Vs 7 Up has been one long situation. While both the drinks are lime or lemon flavored and offer instant freshness, the main difference lies between their salt composition.

Below we will be covering the two soft drinks in detail. So, let’s dive into the topic without further ado.

What is Sprite?

A soft drink produced by Coca-Cola, Sprite is basically a non-caffeinated colorless soda drink. Initially launched in the year 1961, Sprite rapidly rose to success given its unique tangy lemon and lime flavors, which was unlike any of the similar flavored drinks.

Primarily manufactured to compete with 7 Up, Sprite did not contain any mood stabilizers and therefore soon began to be highly preferred by all. Moreover, the highly carbonated composition along with sodium citrate formula makes it a boon for patients with gastric issues. Thanks to this, it has also been time and again claimed by regular drinkers that consuming chilled Sprite aids relieve accumulated gas, thereby offering a sense of comfort.

Since then Sprite has been popular in many countries, even surpassing the favor towards similarly flavored drinks, including 7 Up, Sun Drop, Sierra Mist, etc.

What is 7 Up?

Now coming on to the next popular drink, 7 Up is arguably the first ever lemon and lime flavored drink that was marketized to the global market. Originally formulated by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929, the first-ever formula and a few batches afterwards were cited to consist of a mood stabilizing drug. This drug is generally used to treat patients with bipolar and other mood disorders medically, and hence soon enough with the rising backlash, a new formulation was made.

Since then, 7 Up has been able to garner a rather huge fandom, with numerous supply branches existing all around the globe. However, the first major difference in the whole Sprite Vs 7 Up feud comes from the very basic thing, that is their composition. So, unlike Sprite, 7 Up uses potassium citrate that gives rise to its relatively unique after-taste.

Sprite Vs 7 Up- Which one is Better?

After completing the briefing about both the popular drinks, here are the subtle differences that make them stand out from each other.

Parent Company

Like discussed above, Sprite is a product manufactured under the Coca Cola brand name while 7 Up is currently owned by PepsiCo. However, apart from that, not many know that 7 Up is actually patented to Keurig Dr Pepper within the United States, and for the rest of the world the marketing and channeling is managed by PepsiCo.

Origin History

When it comes to origin, Sprite has a later initiation date than that of 7 Up. So, while 7 Up was introduced in 1929 by Charles Leiper Grigg in Germany, Sprite came into light in the United States in 1961.


Deep delving into their ingredients, Sprite has a 5-ingredient formula, while 7 Up is popular for its 7 ingredient composition. Hence, while Sprite mostly offers a smoother, sweeter after-taste, 7 Up has a lingering taste that feels bitter when consumed in large quantities at a stretch.


Similarly, another difference leading to the whole riled up situation of Sprite Vs 7 Up is the presence of additives. Unlike Sprite, 7 Up claims to be packed up with 100 percent natural preservatives, whereas Sprite has more artificial preservatives.

To make this whole thing a bit easier to understand we have compiled all the differences in a tabular form below.

Parent CompanyCoca ColaPepsiCo in rest of the world, while owned in the United States by Keurig Dr Pepper
Introduction1961 in United States1929 in Germany by Charles Leiper Grigg
Salt VariantSodium CitratePotassium Citrate
FizzRelatively lesser fizzHas more fizz
After-tasteLeaves a smooth, sweet tasteHas a bitter taste
AdditivesConsists of artificial preservativesClaimed to have 100 percent natural preservatives
Sugar Content9gm sugar per 100gms10.6gm sugar per 100gms
CaloriesProvides higher calories than 7 UpOffers lesser calories with every sip
Marketing dominanceWorldwide, mostly prevalent over Europe, Africa, and AmericaMostly within Asian regions
PriceBased upon the area the final price may fluctuateBased upon the area prices may vary

Final Thoughts

Both the soft drinks do a good job in exhibiting their tangy lemon and lime taste, however final thoughts may vary from one to another. This is because no second person has the same preference of tastes, and therefore based on one’s own requirements, the choice should be made.

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