Difference between Left and Right Twix

Twix is a caramel shortbread chocolate bar made by Mars Inc. and packaged in one, two, or four bars. First introduced in the UK in 1967 by the name Raider, the chocolate bar was renamed Twix around 1999. The company produced two types of Twix- Right and Left Twix, which is quite popular in America among people of all ages.

The classic Twix comes with a flat bottom and a wavy top-side layered with chocolate coating and caramel, peanut butter, and other edibles. While it is not the most popular candy bar globally, it has fought hard by introducing unique flavors and edgy marketing campaigns to establish its name worldwide.

In the 90s, Twix introduced some new flavors by replacing the caramel with peanut butter and selling it frozen. Meanwhile, they also sell flavors like orange, cookie, cream, and mint. In 1999, they decided to change the name from Raider to Twix, with a slogan, “Raider is now Twix, nothing else changes.” 

In 2012 Mars Inc. started a marketing campaign for Twix, asking people to pledge their support to either left or right Twix. The campaign begins with a sixty seconds ad of Twix set in Victorian times with two inventors creating one single bar and fighting over it. So, they decide to make two Twix bars, one left and the other right.  

The campaign was a huge success and still going. Although it split Twix lovers, it does help bring the attention of the masses and increase its fan base. However, one must wonder, what is the difference between left and right Twix? Did one taste better than the other? Well, we are here to find it out.

What is Right Twix?

Mars Company from North America manufactures the right Twix with superior ingredients. It comes with a thick layer of chocolate with wavy patterns of caramel. 

What is Left Twix?

It comes with a crunchy cookie in the middle dazed in lighter chocolate with drizzled caramel. It is also manufactured in North America. To keep the rivalry open, Mars Inc. manufactured both Twix left and right in the same factory and packaged them in the same place at a different timeframe.

Difference between Right Twix and Left Twix

FactorsRight TwixLeft Twix
CaramelThe quantity of caramel is lesser in the Right Twix with a bit darker cookie in the middle.It contains an added layer of caramel with a lighter cookie in the middle.
LabelThe right Twix is written in white fonts on the red label.The red Twix is written in red fonts on a white label.
SweetnessIt tastes a bit less sweet but with a richer and creamier profile.If you have a sweet tooth then the left Twix will definitely satiate your craving.
CrunchIt is less crunchier but more sweeter  The crunchiness is more as the cookie is dipped in chocolate and drizzled with caramel.
Packaging TimePacked between 12 pm to 11 pm in the same factory as the right.Packaging starts from 12 am to 11 am in the same factory as the left.


Both right and left Twix are great in taste. While both the chocolate bars come with the same ingredients, there is a subtle taste difference between the two. Some argue that left Twix to be sweeter and crunchier, while some say right Twix as creamier and crunchier. Meanwhile, for some people, the taste is entirely indistinguishable.

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