Difference between Sale and Sell 

Sale and sell are the most common words used in business. Although they sound similar, both carry a different meaning and how you frame them in a sentence. Each of these words has more than one meaning, making it even more confusing for some people.

What is a Sale?

Sale is a word used for defining the process of exchanging money or value to own a good or service. This involves creating awareness of a product or service and closing a business deal. Alternatively, “sale” can also describe a range of times when a company or service sells a particular product for a reduced price or a limited time.

Business experts define Sale as the journey of a customer from the point of realizing its need to making an actual purchase.

Using Sale in a Sentence:

“I pitch the product to our new customer, and most likely, I believe in closing the sale by tomorrow.”

What Is Sell?

Sell is referred to the action of exchanging a piece of property or service for money or something of value. Sell is the way of living. 

Each one of us sells different things for a living. A lawyer sells their service; a baker sells cake; a musician sells albums, etc. Commercially speaking, a seller buys raw products, manufactures them, and sells the end products at a profit. This process is called buying and selling.

Using Sell in a Sentence:

Margaret sells fresh strawberries in the farm market on Tuesday.

Difference between Sale and Sell

The primary difference between Sale and Sell is that the former is a Noun while the latter is a Verb. While Sale is a common name for a set of actions, sell is a simple action to exchange one thing for the other.

Besides the commercial contexts, sell, and Sale can be used to express different perspectives. For example, Karen sells our friendship for her personal gain. 

Main Difference between Sale and Sell? Side-by-Side

DefinitionIt involves the exchange of a product/service or a period when someone sell a particular commodity for a limited time.It involves the process of exchanging a commodity to another person for money.
Part of SpeechNounVerb
ConjugateNo conjugationConjugation required
ExamplesThe new PS5 is for sale.Tickets for the new marvel movie are one sale.The sale of recreational drugs is prohibited in our country.I want to sell my new PS5.Kevin is selling his ticket for the new marvel movie.To sell recreation drugs in our country is a criminal offence.

Difference between Sale and Sell – FAQs

Is it sailing a car or selling a car?

The correct answer is selling a car, which is a present participle. Selling is used when you exchange something for money, while sailing is used to describe a boat or ship floating on the water. For example: “sailing on the sea while the wild wind blowing on your face is an ethereal experience.”

How can I use “sell” in a sentence?

The word “sell” is used as a verb describing an action. Examples of Sell:

  • I purchase the new Subaru WRX Car, and now I want to sell it to buy the STI model.
  • Stella had to sell her book collection to raise money for her pet’s surgery.
  • Will you sell your house if I raise the offer by twenty percent?
  • I have never expected Timothy to sell his integrity by working for a corrupt company.

How can I use “sale” in a sentence?

If something is on sale, it is offered to the customers to purchase.

Here are some examples to make you understand better:

  • The gallery is holding an art sale this Friday.
  • Ryker bought the jacket on sale for sixty percent off.
  • I know a realtor who you show you good houses for sale.
  • I am leaving for NYC, so I put my new car for sale.
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