Difference between iPad and Tablet

The debate between iPads and tablets has been going on for decades, with each side putting out some excellent points. However, if we boiled down all these handheld devices’ essential and unique factors, which one will really stand out? Let’s find out!

What is Tablet?

Tablets are small, handheld devices smaller than a laptop but larger than a smartphone. You can call them a hybrid of laptop and smartphone with features of both worlds. They work similarly to most computers and smartphones with a built-in camera, file manager, music player, etc.

They are built for mobility, and the entire screen is touch-sensitive. You don’t need to use a keyboard or mouse to operate them. Instead, you can interact with the device via a stylus or your fingers. However, you can connect a mouse or keyboard if you need.

Unlike a laptop, you don’t need to shut them off after use. They have a built-in rechargeable battery that can go as long as your smartphone. Whenever you need some time, simply switch on the tablet and smart working. It also comes with integrated Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G ports to connect to the internet.

What is an iPad?

iPad is a type of tablet manufactured by the brand Apple. It operates on Apple’s flagship OS known as iOS and is known for providing an excellent user experience for non-technical users. It comes with a wide range of features such as shooting UHD videos, playing music, browsing the internet, managing files, etc.

It also includes some additional features such as games, GPS navigation, drawing sketches, coding, etc. It features millions of compatible apps in its Apple app store that users can download and use instantly. Each software goes through a stringent checking before releasing them to the app store to minimize malware and bugs.

iPads are available in multiple versions, such as iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro, with each version coming with its unique features.

Difference between Tablet and iPad

DefinitionTablet is a flat and wireless device that works as your personal computer and smartphone.iPad is basically a tablet manufactured by Apple.
Operating SystemTablets comes with various operating systems such as Android, Windows, Linux and more.iPad only runs on iOS operating system by Apple.
AppsTablets have a limited number of applications (depending upon OS). Even if you go for android, most apps are not optimized to run on tablets so you will get a low-end version.Apple features a wide range of apps specially optimized to run on iPads. You will never find an incompatible apps.
Apps SecuritySome apps contains illegal copies of existing programs (android) which often get removed by Google.Apple holds a strong posting rules and regulations to prevent fraudulent and deceitful apps in the system.
MultitaskingTablets offers multitasking allowing you to run multiple tasks simultaneously.iPad does not support multitasking. When you switch to a new task, it closes the previous task.
DesignYou get more choices in design as tablets are manufactured by different brands with different layout, shape and size.iPad is a single product manufactured by Apple, so you wont have much room for selection.
CostSince tablets are manufactured by different manufacturers, you can get one as per your budget. Generally, they are cheaper or closer (the premium ones) to iPads.iPads are more expensive.
StorageTablets comes with internal storage and support micro SD cards as well.iPads only comes with internal storage with no SD card support.
CustomizationTablets (especially Android) offers more customization, giving users more freedom to bring the device to their desired standard.iPad have limited customization features, yet gives you enough leg room for tweaking.
StylusHigh-end tablets like Samsung galaxy tab) comes with free S-pen (quality similar to Apple Pencil). However, most devices from other manufacturers does not provide free stylus.iPad comes with Apple Pencil offering intuitive and pixel-perfect drawing experience. However, you have to pay extra for that.


iPad offers a robust user experience with optimized applications and seamless performance. However, they are quite expensive. Tablets, on the other hand, especially Android Tablets are a good choice if you consider customization, price and hardware aspects such as expandable memory.

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