Difference between Crochet and Knitting

Even though both may seem similar initially, there is a clear difference between crochet and knitting. For starters crochet is done by a single hook that is then used to form loops over the fabric directly, whereas knitting uses two long needles for the process.

Below we will be covering these two aspects in detail, so let’s proceed.

What is Crochet?

A highly popular way of creating textiles and fabric designs, crochet has been prevalent for hundreds of years. And even though this particular style of embroidery has been out of practice in a large-scale setting, its importance and value is still well-liked by a huge number of people worldwide.

So, starting with the first basic difference between crochet and knitting, the former is done using special hooks. In this technique a single hook is used to make loops over one another which finally resembles a small chain of knots. Depending upon the user’s choice and capabilities, these stitches can be single, double or treble stitches. However, no matter whatever the crochet stitching type, these fabric designs seem extremely ethereal and are quite pricey, all thanks to the hardwork and effort that goes into their designing.

Moreover, their manufacturing style is also what makes crochet stitching a relatively easier practice than knitting, although mastering the variety of stitches can be hands down arduous.

What is Knitting?

Now coming to the next most popular textile and fabric designing technique, knitting is still very popular across Asian households. Mothers and grandmothers are mostly found knitting woolen clothes for their kids and grandkids, although this knitting style is one of the many variations that the technique consists of.

In this procedure, two long needles are used to form and store loops, unlike the process involved in crochet. To make it simple to understand, knitting is when an individual uses one needle to store loops, while the other is used to form and transfer subsequent loops onto the one holding them.

This process is quite tricky and therefore most beginners have a hard time doing it perfectly. Even the slightest mistake could end up unrolling all the loops, making all your efforts go to vain. Also, based upon the type of knitting, the needles could be of variable sizes, shapes, and diameters, including straight, double-pointed, and circular ones. Therefore, making the right needle choice also plays a major role in finalizing the end product.

So, what is the difference between Crochet and Knitting?

The few differences between the two stitching techniques include:


As stated above, crochet requires unique hooks that are used to form loops directly onto the fabric, whereas knitting needs two long, circular or double pointed needles (depending upon the knitting pattern to be made) to achieve the desired results.

Pattern Types

The next major difference between crochet and knitting is their pattern style. So, while knitting usually forms a “V shape” pattern and are interconnected with each other, crochets seem more like conjoint knots.

However, this may vary a little bit based upon the particular type of stitch style followed in the technique. So, it is safe to say that crochet usually produces bulky designs with small gaps whereas knitting has denser stitchworks with a softer design.


Crochet and knitting also vary from each other based upon their suitability for different tasks. For instance, crochet is best suitable for designing hats, intricate baskets and cloth or wool based toys. But on the other hand, knitting goes well with designing soft sweaters, gloves, and other delicate fabric and textile work.

This is because designs made out of crochet tend to be bulkier and heavier than knitting works, and therefore not suitable for daily use essentials.

Here is a tabular form of difference between crochet and knitting.

OriginFirst officially used in the 17th century French-lace makingEven though origin is unknown,the first official commercial knitting guilds were found during the 14th century
Basic differenceUse of one hook to create looped designsTwo special needles are used to create the desired stitching pattern
Stitching styleCrochet stitching style follows completion of an ongoing stitch before proceeding to the next one (except Tunisian crochet and broomstick lace)At a time many stitches are kept open in one needle, while the other needle forms the next loops and transfers them to the needle holding the open loops
Level of easeRelatively easyExtremely difficult as it requires a lot of muscle memory and dexterity
Final VisualsBulkier fabric design with large gaps that helps maintain the shapeSofter fabric style with smaller gaps that is best for flexibility
UsageFor making shawls, blankets, hats, toys, etcFor designing softer delicate fabrics including sweaters, socks, and gloves
SpeedUsually takes lesser timeVery time consuming and needs full concentration
Number of PatternsLesser crochet patternsHigher knitting patterns
Customization and Fixing MistakesCrochet techniques allow better window for customisations and fixing mistakesYou will need to work very carefully with knitting when trying to customize, add colors or fix mistakes

So, in this blog we covered everything there is to know about the difference between crochet and knitting. For more such interesting updates do follow us on differencio.com.

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