The Distinction between Dabbing and Dapping Someone

The dab me up emoji is taking the internet by storm while confusing many people who use the “dap me up” expression. So what do these expressions actually mean? How are they different from each other and how to use them in real life?

What does dabbing someone mean?

Dabbing involves a physical greeting.It means doing a handshake, but instead of gently reaching out, both the person needs to grab each other’s hand, bump chests, quickly pull out each other’s hands, and finish it with a fist bump.

What does dapping someone mean?

It first originated during the Vietnam War, when black African-American soldiers used to greet each other through bumped fists. This gesture was called “dap me up” or “fist bump.” 

Over the years, linguistics have debated the origin of the word “dap,” which signifies dignity and pride. However, other linguistics believe its real meaning is “tap.”

Comparison between dabbing and dapping someone

Comparison factorDapping someoneDabbing someone
OriginIt originates during the 1970’s in the Vietnam War by African-American soldiers.The true origin (fist bump) is unknown as people use it differently. The dab me up meme originated in 2019 inspired from the Mafia City “Stronger Than You” Emote.
SymbolismIt symbolizes pride and dignity.In literal sense it means asking someone to fill up the THC or medicated oil in their vape pen.On the internet, dabbing someone means spamming their page with a “dab me up” meme. It means “stronger than you”.
How to do itA mode of greeting that includes a handshake, followed by chest bumping and a fist bumping.It is an expression when one person asks the person to fill their vape pen with thc or medicated oil.It is an internet meme used by users to annoy or spam others accounts by sending the same meme repeatedly.
SynonymsShaking hands, fist bump and chest bump.Raising arm, bowing and slap.


What is a “dab me up” meme?

The “dab me up” meme is a photo of a yellow smiling emoji with a golden tooth. Unlike regular smiling emoji, it has an additional hand extending towards asking you to “dab me up.” So when someone sends you this meme, they ask to add THC oil to their vape pen. It doesn’t mean literally, but an expression of trust. 

It could be used as a “stronger than you” context. For instance, if you are playing games, you can send a meme to irritate your opponent as a constant reminder that you are stronger than them. In real life, it’s a friendly thing in real life, but on the internet, it could be seen as a tool to annoy someone.

What does “dab me up’ mean in slang?

 “Dab” is mainly used as jargon referring to inhaling vapors from THC-based products and medicated oils from a vape machine. When you say “dab me up,” you ask the other person to refill your vape pen with THC or medicated oils.

This means, dabbing someone is a gesture that both of you are comfortable enough to relax with each other. Your bonding is as similar to the blissful feeling one encounters from inhaling medicated oils or THC-infused oils. 

Is It Dap Or Dab Me Up?

It is both. You can say “dap me up” and “dab me up,” but both have a different context. Dap me up is often an informal term to greet your close ones. It includes shaking hands, fist pounding, chest bumping, and hugging. Meanwhile, dab me up is a meme image used as a joke with someone. 

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