Surprising Difference Between Coir and Foam Mattress

The main difference between coir and foam mattress lies in the material, support, and cost of the entire unit. To start with the discussion, coir mattresses are made up of coconut coir and hence the name. Whereas at the same time foam mattresses comprise specially manufactured carbon compounds that are used as fillers to ensure comfort to the user.

However this is not the only difference between the two mattress types. To know more, keep on reading till the end.

What is a Coir Mattress?

Probably one of the best and most beneficial mattress types, a coir mattress gets its name from its filling material. Unlike any of the other variants, these mattresses flaunt a 100 percent natural composition and are environment-friendly given the same reason.

However when it comes to comfort, they might not be the best option. This is mostly because of the hard filling that feels rough against the user’s back. And therefore to prevent this dilemma, mattress manufacturers often use an additional polyurethane foam to cover the coir. Usually there are two types of coir beddings based upon their filling and finish quality, including the Hybrid coir mattress, and the Rubberized coir mattresses.

Originally, the idea of using coconut coir to design beddings was formulated in India which eventually led to the invention of coir mattresses. The main plan behind this was to allow patients with back issues enjoy a good rest without hurting their back even more. And gradually this idea went through years worth improvisation and research, finally leading to the coir bed cushions we know as of today.

What is a Foam Mattress?

As the name suggests, foam mattresses consist of foam which are produced through extensive chemical processes. They are generally layered up in separate coatings which are then stacked up one after another to enhance comfort.

Moreover, the next difference between coir and foam mattresses is that the latter is a recent invention. They were developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center to help improve the safety cushioning of aircrafts in 1966 which was then later commercialised in the bedding industry as sleep and comfort inducing mattresses.

Since then they have been developed a number of times and are now available in multiple variants. Foam mattresses based upon their comfort level may either have synthetic material fillings or that of natural products, as in latex and Talalay foam mattresses.

So, what is the difference between coir and foam mattresses?

Filling Types

So starting with coirs, they have natural fillings inside, that is coconut coir whereas foam mattresses have foam as their composition. This could be memory foam, PUF, bonded, latex or Talalay based upon the particular variant of the foam mattress.

Comfort Level

Given their filling type, coir mattresses may not be the best option for comfort. However they do support the back extremely well and are hence most preferred by chiropractors for patients suffering from chronic back issues.

On the other hand, even though foam mattresses are highly popular for providing the best in industry comfort, they are not the best when it comes to supporting the back, at least not that great as coir mattresses.


Now when it comes to comfort, there is nothing that can match the beneficial attributes of a coir mattress. Given their filling type, they are best suitable for all seasons, especially during the hot sunny days as unlike foam mattresses they don’t block your skin from getting enough ventilation.

So, these mattresses keep your body cool preventing the occurrence of boils, skin lesions, or worse acne.

Here is a tabular form of all the difference between coir and foam mattress.

OriginDuring the Pre-Vedic periodInitially discovered in the year 1966 by NASA’s Ames Research Center
Material TypeNatural products, coconut coir topped with a polyurethane foamConsists of foam or special carbon compounds divided into separate layers for maximum comfort
Surface TypeFirm surfaceSoft or medium-soft surface
Back SupportExcellentGood to Very Good, based upon the filling type
Body SupportMay not be comfortable for full bodyFull body support is exceptional
CostHigher than foam mattressesUsually on the less expensive side, although latex foam mattresses cost more than coir mattresses
VentilationAllows the skin to breatheMay prevent proper skin ventilation depending upon its layering thickness and foam type
LongevityLasts less than foam mattressHighly durable and long lasting
VariantsTwo types- Hybrid coir mattress, Rubberized coir mattressFive types- Polyurethane foam mattress, bonded foam mattress, memory foam mattress, latex foam mattress, and Talalay foam mattress

So which is better?

After going through the difference between coir and foam mattress, it is easy to understand that there is no single winner in this battle. So, based upon the user’s personal requirements, one mattress type can be better than the other. For instance, foam mattresses are best suitable for enhanced comfort and full body support, whereas coir mattresses are best for chronic back issues and preventing skin related conditions.

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