Difference between Papasan and Mamasan Chairs

A chair design that was highly prevalent in the 70s, the difference between papasan and mamasan chairs comes from their size. So when compared one arrives in a perfect fit for singles while the other one is better suited for couples or families. However, both the chair designs are incredibly comfortable, give a super cosy feeling, and also visually pleasing.

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What is a Papasan Chair?

Also known as a moon or bowl chair, Papasan chair is a large rounded chair that arrives in the form of a big bowl. This design was chiefly prevalent in the 70s and 80s, after which it was gradually surpassed by more advanced furniture styles. However, given the recent inclination towards traditionally designed furniture, the popularity of such chairs has again seen a huge increase all over the world.

The papasan chair consists of a soft circular or oval shaped cushion that is attached to a sturdy stand. The cushions are typically made up of a thick velvety cover which is then filled with cotton fluff or similar mushy fillings, for a super soft touch. Depending upon the design, the cushion may be removable, although some manufacturers may also offer a design that has the seating pillow attached to the stand.

Usually, the stands are made up of high quality rattan, wood or metals like stainless steel. This is to ensure that the chair is long lasting and can be used for years. But, some designs may even have tightly woven wickers as base frame, which although offers a really posh vibe to your home interiors, will need to be carefully used.

Now coming to the designing details, every papasan chair has two rings, one a bit larger than the other. This unevenness of the ring’s size is highly necessary for a balanced seating, and hence the larger frame should always be kept upright with the smaller ring touching the ground. Ignoring this will most definitely cause balance issues and may even lead to faster wearing out of the stand.

Such chairs are often highly preferred by people who stay alone and have a nice balcony view, as the seating area is enough for only one person. They can be set up on any flat surface and lifted easily from one place to another, unlike super bulky sofas, making it a good investment.

What is a Mamasan Chair?

Now coming on to the Mamasan chair, it is not wrong to say that they are the larger versions of Papasan chairs. Thus the major difference between papasan and mamasan chairs being size.

So, contrary to the single seater papasan chairs, mamasan chairs have a wider and larger seating cushion coupled with a relatively stronger base frame to support two individuals at a time. The stand may be made out of metals or high quality wood, although rattan is the most commonly used material, given its easy to bend feature.

As a whole, the stand has two variable ring sizes, just like the papasan. The smaller ring goes to the bottom while the larger one is designed to accommodate the top piece that finally holds the cushion in place. Mamasan chairs are relatively more budget-friendly when compared with papasan, as they offer space and comfort to two individuals at once. They are also easier to carry, although metal stands will be a bit bulky than that of rattan or wood chairs.

These designs are well loved by couples or families, although singles can also choose to decorate their place with this beautiful furniture. The whole lot of space can be used to put soft pillows, or place other items when lazing out.

Difference between Papasan and Mamasan Chairs

The subtle difference between Papasan and Mamasan Chairs include:

OriginIntroduced to the Western countries after the 1950s, although origin is unclearOriginated from Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand before being introduced to the Western world after the World War II 
Best suitable forSinglesCouples or Families
Space availableSuitable for single seatingEnough space for two individuals or placing items
Manufacturing materialsRattan, wood, metals, plastic, composite rattan, etcRattan, wood, metals, plastic, composite rattan
Ease of TransportationRelatively easyDepends upon the base frame material
MaintenanceEasy to store and cleanEasy to store and clean
UsagePatio furniturePatio furniture, Interior decor
ComfortHigh quality comfort (depends upon filling materials of the cushion)Comparatively softer although the cushion filling materials can bring on variations
PriceDecent priceExpensive, but overally a better purchase

So which one is better?

The answer depends upon your requirements. If you are into larger, softer chairs, a mamasan chair is the one for you but if the size of the chair is not an essential factor, then papasan chairs are also a good choice. Both of the chair designs add on to the visual aesthetics of your home while allowing you to have a satisfactory relaxing time.

However, when purchasing these traditional chairs for the first time, be extra sure of fakes. Many manufacturers sell papasan and mamasan chairs made out of cheap quality composite rattan or plastic, which not only wear out easily but also pose a risk to your back. Therefore, always make sure to do a thorough research first and then only click on the purchase option.

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