Royal Blue Vs Navy Blue- What’s the difference?

The first point that serves as the major difference in the battle of Royal Blue Vs Navy Blue is its shade. With the former exhibits a darker shade of the blue colour, the royal blue has a brighter shade to it. Apart from that there are also many other factors that mark the two colours different from each other.

But before we jump into finding the variable characteristics of the two colours, here’s a quick run through them.

What is Royal Blue?

One of the most beautiful shades of blue, the Royal blue is a majestic colour. This vivid, mid-toned variant is highly adored by royal families all over the world, and hence the name.

Initially created by the clothiers in Rode, Somerset, the royal blue colour was first chosen to make a dress for Queen Charlotte. Since then the trend for royal families to adore this shade of blue started to gain popularity and was mostly seen during the 70s and 80s. Afterwards, the colour became available for the use of the general public which can be seen up until today.

Another major milestone in the use of royal blue is its adaptation as the web colour in 1987. Featured by the World Wide Web Consortium, the hue was showcased as a much brighter variant than its traditional deeper shade, which further led to the birth of numerous other variants of the royal blue colour, including the Royal Blue (traditional), Royal Blue (web colour), Royal Blue (Pantone), Queen Blue and Royal Blue.

What is Navy Blue?

As their name suggests, navy colour is in reality a shade of blue that is mostly worn by navies all around the world. This phenomenon originated after officers in the Royal Navy were commissioned to wear the colour in the early 19th century. The shade was then known as marine blue, but soon it was changed to the name we all know today.

Historically speaking, the navy blue has been linked to many things, starting from daily life fashion to astrological importance. So depending upon its variant, navy blue is considered a prosperity bringer, and a very powerful peace stone. Many believers often wear navy blue clothes or stones to enhance their luck factor which prevails even today.

Some of the most commonly loved forms of navy blue include Indigo Dye, Navy Blue (Crayola), Peacoat, Purple Navy, Persian Indigo and Space Cadet.

Royal Blue Vs Navy Blue- Difference between the two colours


Starting with the very basic contrasting factor, both royal blue and navy blue have variable origins. While the former colour was discovered during a dress competition for the consort of King Geroge III, the latter colour was commissioned as a uniform colour for the Royal Navy Officers.

So, officially speaking Royal Blue found its initiation in the late 18th century, whereas Navy Blue was first announced in the early 19th century.


The next major distinction between the two colours is their shade. Like we discussed earlier, royal blue has a brighter shade to it unlike navy blue that exhibits a deep and darker shade on the blue colour.

However, it is to be noted that this applies only for the traditional variants of both the colours, as modern ones are generally adapted in a lighter version, making it quite confusing for the first time watchers.


While royal blue enjoyed more popularity in the 80s and 90s, the approval for navy blue items has been on rise in the 21st century. Thus while the former colour is majorly limited to clothes and wall decors, the later colour has found more uses across various industries. Some of these include fashion, uniforms, daily home necessities, wall decors, celebrations, and so much more.

To make it even better to understand, we have compiled all the differences leading to the whole Royal Blue Vs Navy Blue situation below:

OriginDiscovered in the late 18th century for the dress of Queen CharlotteIssued to the Royal Navy during the early 19th century
DescriptionOne of the lightest and brightest shades of the colour blueThe darkest of all recognised shades in blue
Colour Code#4169E1#000080
Colour VariationsRoyal Blue (traditional), Royal Blue (Web Colour), Royal Blue (Pantone), Queen Blue, and Imperial BlueIndigo Dye, Navy Blue (Crayola), Peacoat, Purple Navy, Persian Indigo, and Space Cadet
Symbolised forRoyalty, sovereignty, superiorityStability, confidence, and unity
Associated withReliability and trustworthinessDedication, duty and authority
PopularityRelatively low in modern timesHigh in today’s generation

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